I used to take photos when I worked for the paper, and then you never saw me without a camera in Albania (for UNDP). My strategy is to take many photos and the odds are, one of them will be pretty good. Here are some of my photos that I like:

Woman in kerchief stands with a small boy at her side, in front of a woodpile. She looks weary.

Mother and son in Kukes, in the north of Albania. They lost family members to mines exploding in the mountains – left over from the conflict on the Kosovo border

Three kids in front of a doorway, 2 standing, one seated, eating something. A man in traditional hat behind them. Sunny

Kids in Kukes, Albania

group of kids in colourful clothing smiling, outside, with snowy mountains behind them

Kids in Kukes, outside of their school, Albania

Kids in playground in front of their old school, two stories, snowy mountains in the background

Kids in Kukes, Albania in their old school (pictured). They’re waiting for their new school to finish construction.

small house with fenced in yard, snow on roof and everywhere else too, colourful laundry on the line, snowy mountains in the background

Life in remote, mountainous Kukes, Albania

Nurse in north of Albania

Nurse in front of newly built nursing station in remote and mountainous northern Albania. I like her pose.

Kukes mountains in Albania, view of mountain after mountain into the distance, sunny and shady areas, green and rocky

Kukes, Albania

Run down looking ferry coming into dock, with green mountains behind

Tropoja ferry, on the way to Valbona, Albania

Mountain view in spring/summer, clouds and blue sky

Thethi, Albania

Stone house in the sun, with low stone fence, tree in front

A charming stone house, abandoned in the valley, high in the mountains of Thethi, Albania. It was quite a hike to get up there.

20 or so people outside in the sun, in a cicle, on chairs and benches, tall mountains in the background

The locals are having a meeting in Thethi, Albania, talking about eco tourism in their village.

boy and girl ride a pony in parade

Summer Day celebrations in Berat, Albania

Gaggle of young boys laughing and pushing eachother to get in the photo

Some cute boys want their picture taken in Llogara National Park, Albania

Gorgeous pebble beach, with aquamarine water, white surf coming to the shore, no people

Dhermi, Drimades beach, Albania

Old woman in black walks up rocky path to a church in the distance

Dhermi village, Albania

Bunker in the foreground, sea in the distance

Bunker on the Adriatic, outside Tirana, Albania

Cow outside, eating garbage strewn about

Waste management was a problem. Burning garbage was a popular solution. Albania

Many people on the sidewalk, trees, colourful buildings

Life in Tirana, the entrance to the blokku is on the other side of the river, where the pink buildings are

Posters in park, people sitting on benches, trees, grass

Posters are part of a campaign to inform people about development efforts in the country (anybody remember the Millennium Development Goals?) Taiwan Park, Tirana, Albania

small child in fetal position sleeping on a small piece of dirty cardboard

Roma street kid, Tirana


Can you tell I fell in love with Albania? Here’s a few non-Albania shots I like:

Pale pastel sunset and clouds on the water, boats at a marina

Marina somewhere in Greece, not far from Thessaloniki

Man with glasses and grey handlebar moustache and beard, smiling, in front of red Montenegrin flag

Then mayor of Mojkovac, in Montenegro. I interviewed him about development efforts in the town – a cleanup from mining pollution, and eco-tourism. Get a look at his handlebars!

Beach with rolling surf, grassy dunes and pink clouds

North shore of Lake Superior, Canada