Writing and editing samples

Here are some of my writing and editing samples. As part of managing and curating the UNDP website and blog (as well as the CAMH blog and news stories on the site), I also selected the photos and any associated multimedia, formatted and hyperlinked the text. This included adhering to online corporate style guides, web conventions, usability principles and search engine optimization (SEO).

*The blog I managed, Voices of Eurasia, was originally hosted on wordpress.org; and UNDP has since incorporated it onto their website (which is also new). Therefore many of my writing, and editing, and web curation examples are no longer available online. I’ve found some of my writing and editing that has been cross-posted on other sites, or sites I no longer manage. (Rest assured, as a stickler for usability, you will never find “click here” or underlined text that is not hyperlinked on any web content I am responsible for :))

Writing samples

Editing samples